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nutron PC-KLIMA

With the following additions the system nutron is extended in a ultramodern greenhouses control system:

      Electronic board with microcomputer and industrial PC in which the sensors and the commands from the checked greenhouses are connected with the following characteristics:

  • up to 17 Analog inputs

  • up to 16 Digital inputs

  • up to 200 On-Off relay Outputs (12A conduct)

  • Touch screen 12''

    As Analog inputs we consider the sensors: pH electrodes, electric conductivity electrodes EC, environment temperature, humidity (environment - soil), solar radiation, luminous density, meteorological station with control of wind speed and direction, rain control and monitoring of environment temperature - humidity, etc.

    As Digital inputs we consider the terminal switches of exhaust windows, Hydroponics start tray, outputs from measurement ground  humidity instruments, etc.

    As Output of the system we consider:

  •    Irrigation - Fertigation electro valves which are possible to execute a different recipe for each one separately (EC - pH, quota of solutions tanks, operation time or water volume). Unlimited electro valves regrouping and recipes with independent different starts according to daily repetitions, weekly, concentration of solar energy or via the sensors in digital input.

  •      Independent control of microclimate per hall. Temperature active curves programming with boiler, adjustment of the roof and side exhaust windows (double-sided), fans dynamic airing, humidyfing panel, heating curtains, etc Regulation of humidity active curves with fogging and ventilation. Regulation of luminous density active curves,  with curtains of shading and full operational program of artificial lighting. Additional programmed contacts of  temperature - humidity limits (PLC).

  •     Program of irrigation electro valves in new plants growing

  •      Programmed time switches at daily or weekly basis



















With NutronPC-KLIMA we have all the advantages of controlling  via a personal computer.

On the main board touch sreen  or from a remote PC we intervene in all greenhouse operations, with unlimited possibilities in microclimate programming schedule.In addition with simultaneous recording of operations and measurements, as well as analysis of operations and monitoring measurements history showing in a text report or graphical curves at  minute to years basis,the system helps the producer to estimate and plan the most effecient course of his culture growth.

The system can be connected via network or telephone line with a remote PC,giving the possibillity of remote monitoring and programming wherever the farmer is(home, office, travel) or from technician of our company (service).



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